A sonic and visual passage pocket option through the imaginative landscape of the medieval mind. Starting from fables passed through the ages, sprinkled with rumors of love and sea monsters, magic and ghosts, steeped in superstition and poetry, Darkling exists somewhere between solo performance, interactive digital technology and multichannel radio play. In a nether region of semi-darkness, the audience sits on three sides of an intimate play space that contains dim, flickering particles of light generated by the movement of one mysterious creature. All are enveloped by a living sonic environment of disembodied voices, music, stories and moving sound.

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SCOTT BOLMAN — has been lighting theater, dance and opera for the last twelve years. His dance work includes lighting design for David Dorfman, KT Niehoff, the NYC Butoh Festival, and Shen Wei Dance Arts. His theater work has been seen all over the country, and shared an award for Best Overall Design at the 2004 NYC Fringe Festival for Rolin Jones’ The Jammer.  He has traveled throughout the U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia re-creating work by designers such as Jennifer Tipton and Matt pocketoption Frey. He holds an MFA from the Yale University School of Drama and a BA in Theater and Dance from Amherst College.  Scott is a member of Wingspace design collective.

SETH CLUETT — is a visual and sound artist whose work includes photography, drawing, sculpture, video, sound installation, performance, and concert music. A native of Troy, NY he is currently pursuing his doctoral studies at Princeton University.

JAAMIL OLAWALE KOSOKO — is a Philadelphia-based movement and literary artist currently constructing interdisciplinary work within the creative spheres of language, movement and video. He holds a BA in Literature, Performance, and Film/Video Studies from Bennington College and has performed in the choreographic works of Ann Carlson, Yoshiko Chuma, the Emergent Improvisation Ensemble, Lisa Kraus, Richard Siegel, Kate Watson-Wallace, Headlong Dance Theater, Leah Stein Dance Company, and Pig Iron Theatre Company, among others. Kosoko pocket option login has shown his own dances and dance-films at Bennington College, Dance Theater Workshop, the American Dance Festival, Danspace at St. Mark's Church, Joyce SoHo, and most recently completed POOL PERMIT, the first dance-film to be commissioned by Dance Films Association. He has been a resident artist at Earthdance, MA, The Neuroscience Institute, CA, and the Community Education Center, PA.

KYRA MILLER* — most recently appeared at the Pearl Theatre in Biography. Other recent acting credits include The Immigrant at Westport Country Playhouse, Syncopation at Portland Stage Company, and The TIme of Your Life‚ directed by Tina Landau at A.C.T. and Seattle Rep, in co-production with Steppenwolf. She has also spent twenty years of her life in a dance studio, currently studies voice with Victoria Clark, and has studied at the Actors Center (Lloyd Richards and Earle Gister), trained with the SITI Company, and is an honorary citizen of New Orleans. MFA, University of Washington.

STEPHAN MOORE — is a composer, audio artist, and sound designer based in Brooklyn, NY. His creative work centers around the collection and use of real-world sound, the creation and perception of sonic environments, and technological manifestations of improvisation and interactivity. Recent performances and installation artworks make use of large multi-channel array of his hand-built hemispherical speakers. He performs regularly as half of the electronic duo Evidence, and with a variety of musicians, live-video artists, and dancers. He has created custom music software for a number of composers and artists, and has taught courses in sound art and electronic music at Marymount College of Art, Peabody Conservatory, Massachusetts College of Art, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Simon’s Rock College of Bard. He is currently the Sound Supervisor of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.

TODD REYNOLDS — composer, conductor, arranger and violinist, is a longtime member of Bang On A Can, Steve Reich and Musicians and Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project. His commitment to genre-bending and technology-driven innovation in music has produced innumerable collaborations with artists that regularly cross musical and disciplinary boundaries, regularly placing him in venues from clubs to concert halls around the world.

JULIE ROSE — With a degree in Dance and Social Work from Ohio University, Julie Rose headed to New York City to pursue a career in dance. While there, she danced with David Dorfman, Terry Hollis, Stephan Koplowitz and Tamieca McCloud. Her own work has been performed in venues in Ohio, New York and Japan. She is a certified Pilates instructor and has recently opened The Movement Lab, a classical Pilates studio in her new home of Troy, NY.

RAMON TEJADA — is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He holds an MFA in Direction and Performance Arts from Bennington College and has worked in Washington DC, Minneapolis, and New York in Theatre, Dance, and Design projects. He has also studied in London (BADA) and has a BA from Wheaton College in Massachusetts. Ramon is currently the Artistic Associate at The Shakespeare Society in New York; and is also working on a performance/video project, impossible ax, that will premiere later this summer.

ELIZABETH WARD — has lived in New York since 2004, most recently performing with DD Dorvillier, Cathy Weis, Miguel Gutierrez, and Yvonne Meier. She has show her own work at the Chocolate Factory, Dixon Place, AUNTS, and through Danspace Draftworks. After studying Ecology and Improvisation at Bennington College, she moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1999 where she was an active improviser, choreographer, teacher, dance writer, and bicycle mechanic in Portland, Oregon. Praxis is her first project with ATLAS Dance.

*Actor appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association.

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  • Writer, Director, Installation: Hélène Lesterlin
  • Choreography, Performance: Hélène Lesterlin, Kyra Miller, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Elizabeth Ward
  • Music: Seth Cluett, Stephan Moore
  • “Voice of God”: Todd Reynolds
  • Assistant Director: Ramon Tejada
  • Lighting design: Scott Bolman
  • Additional choreography: Julie Rose
  • Premiere: August 2007, HERE Arts Center, NYC

Directed by Hélène Lesterlin, Praxis brings together a stellar group of performers and collaborators in a dance theater work that revolves around the translation of thought to effect, theory to practice, dream to life. "Praxis" is steeped in unsolicited advice, dubious interpretations of Marxism, incomprehensible instructions, songs, and game structures.  Actions on stage overlap and coalesce, pitting disparate activities against each other, as evolving scenes shift in and out of focus.  In a space constantly under construction, the audience on three sides, four characters enter, exit, go about their business, and figure out how to move things forward - while pointers rain down on them from the Voice above.  Two musicians mix live and prerecorded sound, adding another level of chaos, humor, and surprise, to this circus of theory, praxis, plan and action.


  • Choreography: Hélène Lesterlin
  • Original Music: Jesse Stiles, featuring flautist Suzanne Thorpe
  • Dancers: Paula Biasi, Hélène Lesterlin, Eden Mazer
  • Costumes and visual design: Hélène Lesterlin

The Predator-Prey Equation is a piece in two parts. In the first part, two dancers coexist in a wary balance, maintaining their separate orbits, occasionally hazarding a connection. The movement plays with ideas of complexity, refraction, simultaneity, and interdependence. The second part is a solo in a prescribed space, between two chairs. The dancer traces her architecture, explores the terrain, accompanied by two unpredictable companions: her own hands.

The commissioned musical score consists of a composed assortment of electronic melodies and rhythms, overlaid with the sounds of an amplified flute. The various sounds are stacked and recombined, in a parallel process to how the movement was created.

The visual design underscores the cold, crystalline quality interspersed with slashes of saturated color.

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  • Curators: Hélène Lesterlin & Bethany Wright

The Gilded Pony Performance Festival aims to capture and release all disparate elements existing under the general rubric of performance and set them into dynamic interplay with each other. Conspicuous, unlikely and provocative approaches to audience-performer relations will be the order of events, triggering questions and expanding the boundaries of performance.

The Gilded Pony Performance Festival is a community-based arts initiative which aims to present and foster current approaches in performance and installation art. Bringing in performers and audiences from near and far, the inaugural presentation of this annual event will:

  • Approach the exploratory arts in a playful manner that can be enjoyed by all
  • Enhance and support the arts environment of the Capital Region by facilitating an influx of new ideas and performances
  • Create an opportunity for artists crisscrossing the domains of dance, music, performance art, theater, visual art, video and installation to coexist and coincide
  • Invite a broad spectrum of the general public (rural and urban, students and professionals, and artists across disciplines) to come together in a spirit of curiosity and openness

The Gilded Pony Performance Festival took place the weekend of May 19 - 21, 2006. Performances were held in the theater of the Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy, NY; and a series of performance events and encounters took place in and around an old church in the village of Valley Falls, NY.

The Gilded Pony Performance Festival was a co-production of ATLAS Dance and FO (A) RM Magazine.

Projects choreographed by Hélène Lesterlin (pre- ATLAS Dance):

* denotes performance by choreographer

Caprices, Summer Stages Dance, Concord MA. July 2004.
Seven dancers. Created the sound-score, video projection and costumes.

Last Call, Coney Island, Bates Dance Festival, Lewiston ME. August 2003
Trio. Created sound-score, a work in progress.

The Voyage Maiden, Bennington College, Bennington VT. June 2003
Solo with live drum accompaniment.

She Said She Would Chop the Onions Herself, Bennington College. May 2003 Trio*. Created sound-score and costumes, designed set elements.

Latitude, Bennington College. December 2002
Duet, solo*, and two quintets. Sculpture installation. Commissioned original music. Funded by grants.

Sweet Science, Bennington College. May 2002
Duet*. Costume design.

The Destruction of Jodie Montana, Bennington College. December 2001
Solo*. Costume design.

Habitat, Hua Shan Arts District, Taipei, Taiwan. April 2000
Quartet*. Sound score. Commissioned by Sofa Dance Theater, Taipei, Taiwan

Scintilöon, Artspace, New Haven, CT. April 1997
Sextet*. Sculpture installation. Costume design. Commissioned original music. Self-produced and funded by grants.

Ricochet, Yale University, New Haven, CT. May 1996

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