Jaamil Kosoko, Helene Lesterlin and Elizabeth Ward in “Praxis” (photo by Kyra Miller)

NEWS: 11.2010 “Darkling” will have its world premiere at the Cinedans Festival in Amsterdam on December 10-11, 2010. This new work is a haunting passage through the imaginative landscape of the medieval mind. Starting from fables passed through the ages, sprinkled with rumors of love and sea monsters, magic and ghosts, steeped in superstition and poetry, “Darkling” exists somewhere between solo performance, interactive digital technology and multichannel radio play. The audience surrounds an intimate play space containing dim, flickering particles of light generated by the movement of one mysterious creature. All are enveloped by a living sonic environment of disembodied voices, music, stories and moving sound. Choreography, direction and text by Hélène Lesterlin, soundscore by Stephan Moore, interactive video by software engineer Frieder Weiss, performed by Kimberly Young, featuring the voices of Kyle DeCamp, Yehuda Duenyas, Kyra Miller and Peter Schmitz.

NEWS: 06.2007 “Praxis” will premier at the American Living Room Festival exness login at HERE Arts Center in New York City on August 12-13, 2007. Directed by Hélène Lesterlin, “Praxis” brings together a stellar group of performers and collaborators in a dance theater work that revolves around the translation of thought to effect, theory to practice, dream to life. In a cheeky dance theater satire, “Praxis” tackles the Big Questions of Life — how to live, what to do, and whose advice to follow.  In a space constantly under construction, four characters enter, exit, go about their business, figuring out how to move things forward – while pointers rain down from the Voice above.  Swept along by unsolicited advice, songs, letters, dubious interpretations of Marxism, exness sign up nostalgia spin, incomprehensible instructions, and evolving dances, the four try to make sense of it all.  Their actions overlap, they play the game, and somehow they find their own way.  Two musicians mix live and prerecorded sound, adding another level of humor and surprise to this circus of plan into action, theory into praxis, dream to life. www.here.org

NEWS: 01.2007: The Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company, of Troy, NY, performed Latitude V: Catalyst, a short piece commissioned from Hélène Lesterlin, with music by Stephan Moore.  The piece was shown at The Egg in Albany, NY as part of an evening of short works by several exness-trade.my choreographers invited to create work on the dancers in six rehearsals!  www.theegg.org.

NEWS: 06.2006 The Gilded Pony Performance Festival, co-produced by ATLAS Dance and FO (A) RM Magazine was a blast! Curated by Bethany Wright and Hélène Lesterlin, the festival took place May 19 - 21, 2006, in Troy and Valley Falls, NY. Many thanks to all the performers, and the many volunteers and donors who made this grass-roots festival a great success!! For more info on festival participants and performances, visit www.gildedpony.org.

NEWS 01.2006: ATLAS Dance is co-producing The Gilded Pony Performance Festival in upstate NY with FO (A) RM Magazine. Curated by Bethany Wright and Hélène Lesterlin, the festival "aims to capture and release all disparate elements under the general rubric of "performance" and set them into dynamic interplay with each other." ARTISTS OF ALL STRIPES INVITED TO APPLY. Call for proposals deadline is MARCH 20!! The Gilded Pony Performance Festival takes place May 19 - 21, 2006, in Troy and Valley Falls, NY. For more info, or visit www.gildedpony.org

NEWS 09.2005: ATLAS Dance inaugurates its first season with the premier of The Predator-Prey Equation, a new dance work choreographed by Hélène Lesterlin with a commissioned score by Jesse Stiles, at the Velocity MainSpace Theater in Seattle, WA, in “HABITAT: an evening of new work by Hélène Lesterlin and Paige Barnes”.